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Who We Are

Early Stage Politics is a new event series to connect the venture and startup communities to up-and-coming candidates running for public office.

Our Mission


is to forge a bridge between the future leaders of the venture capital and startup worlds and the next generation of political leaders with the hope that these communities grow together. 

While there is desire from both parties to engage with each other, significant barriers exist that prevent new hopeful elected officials from accessing substantive professional networks.

We believe these barriers have helped contribute to a political system that severely inhibits the prospects for
most first time candidates to win elections.

Early Stage Politics is a new event series aimed at removing these barriers by connecting up-and-coming public office seekers to the future leaders of the venture and startup professional communities.

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Existing Barriers:


Track Record

A lack of a Track Record
prevents name recognition


Entrenched Interests

Incumbents typically raise 10x the amount
of fundraising dollars vs. challengers



New candidates lack access to strong professional networks that can provide fundraising bases


Too Exclusive

Intimate fundraisers can cost over
$10,000 per ticket


Proper Forum

Bigger events lack intimacy
or substance



Hard to know where to find the next generation of extraordinary candidates

The Funding Gap

The huge gap that exists in funding makes it extremely difficult for newcomers to reach elected office. As a result, the government remains deprived of new ideas and unrepresentative of its citizens. 

Senate Races (2018)

Incumbent: $12,946,613

Challenger: $1,566,828

Challenger: $228,883

Incumbent: $1,807,203

House Races (2018)

Our Solution

Early Stage Politics will leverage a network of local community leaders to source dynamic office seekers and host curated events. This event series will bridge the gulf between up-and-coming politicians and the next generation of venture and startup industry leaders.
By focusing on a few key pain points, the event series can create a welcoming environment that benefits both groups.  
Stacks of Coins
Key in the Lock

Additional Funding

More funding will be donated by the venture capital and startup communities to exceptional next-gen candidates

Candidate Support

Allow the broader venture and startup community to support candidates of change throughout their careers

Provide Access

Give exceptional up-and-coming public office seekers access to a new community of supporters who are future business leaders

How it Works:

Spotlight New York State

A small number of affordable tickets will be sold to a curated event that will highlight an up-and-coming candidate currently running for local office. 


Policy topics will be pre-determined, with a challenging but supporting moderator conducting the conversation. Pre-assigned reading will be distributed to event attendees.


Attendees are encouraged to develop relationships with the candidate. Participants are encouraged but not expected to donate to candidates they liked.


The events will be interactive, with significant time being allocated for Q&A and mingling. 


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